Tom Keifer

2018 Tom Keifer VIP Meet & Greet


2018 Tom Keifer VIP Meet & Greet Upgrade package (does NOT include a ticket to the show):



  • Access to pre-show Sound Check*

  • Meet & Greet with Tom

  • Photo with Tom using your camera

  • Personal Autograph with Tom

  • Tom Keifer 8x10 Photo

  • Tom Keifer drink coasters

  • Commemorative VIP Pass

  • Tom Keifer Tote Bag


  • *there may be select shows where a sound check is not done or is abbreviated. Remember - this VIP upgrade DOES NOT include a ticket or entrance to the show.

Note that physical VIP packages are shipped to you, but not until a week or two before the show!

VIP Show:
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Additional Info

PLEASE NOTE: Our official Tom Keifer VIP Meet & Greet is an UPGRADE package and does NOT include a ticket to the show. You must have purchased your ticket separately in order to purchase the VIP Meet & Greet. You will not be admitted into the venue without a show ticket. All VIP Meet & Greets will take place PRIOR to the show, times are still to be determined and will vary from venue to venue and can be as early as 3 PM day of show. Please be sure to use a good email address and phone number when you order so that we can reach you prior to show day and let you know what time the meet and greet will take place.

There may be select shows where a sound check is not done or is abbreviated. This can be due to schedule, weather, other acts on the bill, the venue or other things that happen as part of the show. While we aim to offer the pre-show sound check at each and every VIP Meet & Greet it is not a guarantee and is not subject to refund, partial refund or any other compensation if a sound check is not provided.

Portions of your merchandise package may be given to you at the venue. Your picture with Tom will be taken with YOUR camera, please come prepaired!

You will be informed at least 24 hours prior to your show date what time to meet your VIP host at he venue box office/ticket window. Please do not be late. Due to time constraints we cannot hold the VIP Experience for anyone. If you are late and miss the VIP Experience you will not be refunded.

If you bring an item to be signed, please know you will be responsible for it the entire show. We cannot store or hold items for you.