Tom Keifer RISE CD


This is the Brand New release from Tom Keifer and his band #KEIFERBAND. With a release date of September 13th 2019 understand that you are PRE-ORDERING this title. Orders will be shipped so that you receive your new CD or Vinyl LP on or shortly after the release date.

Track List

  1. Touching The Divine

  2. The Death Of Me

  3. Waiting On The Demons

  4. Hype

  5. Untitled

  6. Rise

  7. All Amped Up

  8. Breaking Down

  9. Taste For The Pain

  10. Life Was Here

  11. You Believe In Me

This is a new, unopened CD in its original packaging.

Media Type: CD
Release Date: (September 13, 2019)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Cleopatra
UPC: 889466143021

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Additional Info

Tom Keifer "The Death of Me " "The Death of Me" from the brand new Tom Keifer #keiferband release "RISE" This collection of 11 brand new songs rocks with a fury and passion that is sure to make critics and fans take notice!